Everhart and Garner Families Plus

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Haywood, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Nona C.  31 Oct 1906Haywood, North Carolina I33517
2 Carson, Rufus  18 Jan 1857Haywood, North Carolina I14919
3 Conner, Elizabeth Betsy  1826Haywood, North Carolina I18297
4 Conner, Jane Jennie  1820Haywood, North Carolina I18174
5 Conner, Nancy  11 Feb 1823Haywood, North Carolina I33674
6 Conner, Rebecca  1828Haywood, North Carolina I5068
7 Cooper, Abraham Abram Davis  1819Haywood, North Carolina I10727
8 Cooper, Lockard  19 Jul 1816Haywood, North Carolina I19147
9 Cooper, William Harvey Sr  5 Feb 1835Haywood, North Carolina I7862
10 Davis, Elmira  1832Haywood, North Carolina I19259
11 Davis, Eunicy  1836Haywood, North Carolina I8801
12 Davis, George  1845Haywood, North Carolina I12998
13 Davis, Mary C  1827Haywood, North Carolina I12938
14 Davis, Montraville Moses  1838Haywood, North Carolina I795
15 Davis, Nancy Eunice  23 Jul 1839Haywood, North Carolina I6833
16 Davis, Sarah Jane  1842Haywood, North Carolina I12872
17 Everhart, Annie Marie  15 Dec 1902Haywood, North Carolina I1756
18 Everhart, Dallas Adrien  22 Oct 1904Haywood, North Carolina I8168
19 Everhart, William Dewey  7 Jul 1900Haywood, North Carolina I6630
20 Green, Caroline  1850Haywood, North Carolina I28589
21 Green, Columbus  29 Jun 1897Haywood, North Carolina I8895
22 Green, George W  23 Jun 1862Haywood, North Carolina I10399
23 Green, James W  15 Nov 1810Haywood, North Carolina I24788
24 Kerley, William Marion  26 Jul 1860Haywood, North Carolina I18079
25 Lowe, Jesse John II  1823Haywood, North Carolina I5671
26 McClure, Andrew  4 Sep 1816Haywood, North Carolina I5878
27 McClure, Elizabeth  19 Aug 1827Haywood, North Carolina I9401
28 McClure, James Thomas  27 Oct 1786Haywood, North Carolina I18768
29 McClure, Jessie  3 Feb 1810Haywood, North Carolina I12863
30 McClure, Joseph  26 Aug 1825Haywood, North Carolina I19378
31 McClure, Mary Emile  5 Jan 1841Haywood, North Carolina I16893
32 McClure, Peter  19 Jul 1814Haywood, North Carolina I3830
33 McClure, Reuben  3 Dec 1812Haywood, North Carolina I1348
34 Moody, Martha Jane  9 Jan 1892Haywood, North Carolina I34656
35 Nations, Martha  Dec 1835Haywood, North Carolina I37510
36 Ogle, Elijah J. P.  1824Haywood, North Carolina I26760
37 Reagan, Jeremiah Abijah  1855Haywood, North Carolina I28300
38 Reagan, Thomas C.  1847Haywood, North Carolina I28295
39 Runnion, Thomas  1784Haywood, North Carolina I1414
40 Stanton, Susannah  1752Haywood, North Carolina I12742
41 Strain, Sarah  17 Oct 1787Haywood, North Carolina I13467
42 Trentham, William Thomas  27 Mar 1793Haywood, North Carolina I30173
43 Watson, John William  1801Haywood, North Carolina I38072


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burchfield, Samuel B  1885Haywood, North Carolina I713
2 Cooper, Lockard  19 Jul 1855Haywood, North Carolina I19147
3 Crawford, Lydia  1854Haywood, North Carolina I6581
4 Davis, David  1835Haywood, North Carolina I1139
5 Davis, Nancy Eunice  3 Mar 1897Haywood, North Carolina I6833
6 Everhart, Avo Rojetta  25 Jan 1980Haywood, North Carolina I14441
7 Everhart, Verda J.  Haywood, North Carolina I9998
8 Green, Thomas William  13 Dec 1893Haywood, North Carolina I28578
9 McClure, Andrew  15 May 1815Haywood, North Carolina I13506
10 McGhee, Margaret Pegggy  1860Haywood, North Carolina I1140
11 Payne, Julia Ann  1945Haywood, North Carolina I18950
12 Runnion, John  29 Oct 1829Haywood, North Carolina I12813
13 Stanton, Susannah  1829Haywood, North Carolina I12742


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / McGhee  30 Oct 1834Haywood, North Carolina F301
2 Everhart / Keener  21 Aug 1915Haywood, North Carolina F3596
3 Gregory / Hill  1812Haywood, North Carolina F2432
4 McClure / Strain  1807Haywood, North Carolina F4658
5 Ogle / Conner  22 Apr 1836Haywood, North Carolina F4366
6 Ogle / Conner  13 Aug 1840Haywood, North Carolina F7518
7 Reagan / Griffiths  28 Jan 1883Haywood, North Carolina F8474
8 Starkey / Collins  23 May 1821Haywood, North Carolina F4649
9 Trentham / Hicks  6 Oct 1818Haywood, North Carolina F8316
10 Watson / Conner  1824Haywood, North Carolina F11077