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White Oak Flats Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bohanon, William W.  Mar 1824White Oak Flats Cemetery I23986
2 Huskey, Daniel  16 May 1823White Oak Flats Cemetery I3381
3 Huskey, Drucilla  15 May 1818White Oak Flats Cemetery I3379
4 Huskey, Mary Ann  15 Jan 1821White Oak Flats Cemetery I3378
5 Huskey, Nancy  Abt 1828White Oak Flats Cemetery I3389
6 Huskey, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1827White Oak Flats Cemetery I594
7 Ogle  1829White Oak Flats Cemetery I26757
8 Ogle, Elisha  1828White Oak Flats Cemetery I13254
9 Ogle, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1827White Oak Flats Cemetery I13252
10 Ogle, Elizabeth  1850White Oak Flats Cemetery I6434
11 Ogle, Elizabeth Betsy  1823White Oak Flats Cemetery I26758
12 Ogle, George  17 Apr 1840White Oak Flats Cemetery I26750
13 Ogle, Isaac M.  12 Jul 1848White Oak Flats Cemetery I18882
14 Ogle, Joseph  1843White Oak Flats Cemetery I8381
15 Ogle, Martha " Patsy"  5 Jun 1833White Oak Flats Cemetery I11988
16 Ogle, Mary  1820White Oak Flats Cemetery I1886
17 Ogle, Mary A  1834White Oak Flats Cemetery I22313
18 Ogle, Mary Alpha  1832White Oak Flats Cemetery I7595
19 Ogle, Mary R.  1833White Oak Flats Cemetery I26751
20 Ogle, Matilda  May 1828White Oak Flats Cemetery I26752
21 Ogle, Sarah Ann  1817White Oak Flats Cemetery I26755
22 Ogle, Sarah Elizabeth  1817White Oak Flats Cemetery I26756
23 Ogle, Sussanah  1811White Oak Flats Cemetery I26753
24 Ogle, Thomas Isaac Jr  1813White Oak Flats Cemetery I26754
25 Reagan, John Ephraim H  18 Sep 1858White Oak Flats Cemetery I2654
26 Reagan, Mourning  25 May 1854White Oak Flats Cemetery I33012
27 Reagan, Sarah Rose "Sally"  31 Oct 1869White Oak Flats Cemetery I4862


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McCarter, Daniel I.  31 Dec 1969White Oak Flats Cemetery I34808
2 Ogle, James W.  1859White Oak Flats Cemetery I21450
3 Ogle, Nancy Jane  18 Feb 1844White Oak Flats Cemetery I12860
4 Ogle, Sarah Sally  31 May 1901White Oak Flats Cemetery I14539
5 Ogle, Sussanah  1833White Oak Flats Cemetery I26753
6 Ogle, Thomas I.  19 Jun 1886White Oak Flats Cemetery I19299
7 Ogle, Thomas John  3 Feb 1862White Oak Flats Cemetery I30176
8 Trigg, Elizabeth Faye  1825White Oak Flats Cemetery I6585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bohannon, Sarah  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37317
2 Bosley, Sophia  1857White Oak Flats Cemetery I20805
3 Bradley, Isaac S.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I33504
4 Bradley, Nancy Elmina "Callie"  White Oak Flats Cemetery I12572
5 Clabo, Bertha A.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37394
6 Clabo, Charles C.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37396
7 Clabo, Horace Buford  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37397
8 Clabo, Lewis Sanders  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37393
9 Clabo, William Sherman  White Oak Flats Cemetery I33830
10 Cogdill, Cynthia Elizabeth "Lizzie"  White Oak Flats Cemetery I35692
11 Conner, Jane Jennie  White Oak Flats Cemetery I18174
12 Conner, Nancy  White Oak Flats Cemetery I33674
13 Conner, Nancy  White Oak Flats Cemetery I38677
14 Hunter, Frances E.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I16713
15 Huskey, Delila "Delina"  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37815
16 Huskey, Isaac  White Oak Flats Cemetery I6203
17 Huskey, Isaac William  White Oak Flats Cemetery I29183
18 Huskey, Issac  White Oak Flats Cemetery I23324
19 Huskey, James Dudley  White Oak Flats Cemetery I29186
20 Huskey, Serena  White Oak Flats Cemetery I7048
21 Husky, Rebecca  White Oak Flats Cemetery I5
22 Kear, Mary Ann  White Oak Flats Cemetery I4360
23 Maples, Isaac Levator  White Oak Flats Cemetery I27619
24 McCarter, Daniel G.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30359
25 McCarter, REV George Birdett  White Oak Flats Cemetery I38980
26 McCarter, Julia Ann  White Oak Flats Cemetery I10765
27 Miller, Jane  White Oak Flats Cemetery I1380
28 Oakley, Charles Henry  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37066
29 Oakley, Clara Jane  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37069
30 Oakley, Katherine  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37065
31 Oakley, Ruben Cates  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37067
32 Oakley, Wiley Manson  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30469
33 Ogle, Beda Alice  White Oak Flats Cemetery I29570
34 Ogle, Dewy Mitchel  White Oak Flats Cemetery I15982
35 Ogle, Early  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37807
36 Ogle, Eliza  White Oak Flats Cemetery I32235
37 Ogle, Emanuel  White Oak Flats Cemetery I10227
38 Ogle, Etter L.  2 Oct 1942White Oak Flats Cemetery I1537
39 Ogle, Harkless T.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I4330
40 Ogle, Isaac Thomas  White Oak Flats Cemetery I5617
41 Ogle, Isaac Thomas "Moccasin"  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30180
42 Ogle, Madison  White Oak Flats Cemetery I39150
43 Ogle, Margaret Peggy  White Oak Flats Cemetery I26759
44 Ogle, Maria Elizabeth  White Oak Flats Cemetery I25282
45 Ogle, Martha  White Oak Flats Cemetery I38976
46 Ogle, Nancy Jane  1844White Oak Flats Cemetery I12860
47 Ogle, Noah H. Wilson "Bud"  White Oak Flats Cemetery I25738
48 Ogle, Rev Noah L.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I3687
49 Ogle, Rebecca Ann  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30470
50 Ogle, Rhoda  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30357
51 Ogle, Thomas I.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I19299
52 Ogle, Thomas John  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30176
53 Ogle, Tomas Auston  12 Apr 2004White Oak Flats Cemetery I19482
54 Ogle, William "Black Bill'  White Oak Flats Cemetery I17891
55 Ogle, William W. ?Ned?  Aug 1874White Oak Flats Cemetery I17466
56 Ownby, David  Oct 1889White Oak Flats Cemetery I27010
57 Ownby, Miriah  White Oak Flats Cemetery I29184
58 Parton, Barbara  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37228
59 Ramsey, John R.  Mar 1937White Oak Flats Cemetery I7549
60 Reagan, David L.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I38660
61 Reagan, Ephraim John "Gunn" Sr  Jan 1924White Oak Flats Cemetery I15411
62 Reagan, James Howard  White Oak Flats Cemetery I32347
63 Reagan, James T.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I37227
64 Reagan, Marriah  1923White Oak Flats Cemetery I4793
65 Reagan, Sophia  White Oak Flats Cemetery I36202
66 Reagan, Sophia  1887White Oak Flats Cemetery I24505
67 Swearingen, Nancy  White Oak Flats Cemetery I8980
68 Trentham, Josie M.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I27618
69 Watson, David E.  White Oak Flats Cemetery I30249


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abbott / Reagan  6 Mar 1866White Oak Flats Cemetery F7919
2 Reagan / Ogle  30 Jan 1830White Oak Flats Cemetery F5479
3 Reagan / Whaley  Abt 1853White Oak Flats Cemetery F3864