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South Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1790South Carolina, USA I32091
2 Albright, Malinda  10 Jan 1827South Carolina, USA I29319
3 Bagwell, James Wiley  1824South Carolina, USA I31628
4 Bar, Piety A.  18 Apr 1824South Carolina, USA I10543
5 Barnett, Thomas Jefferson Sr  1815South Carolina, USA I28592
6 Black, Allen  1790South Carolina, USA I18250
7 Black, Findley  1805South Carolina, USA I22506
8 Black, George Washington  1795South Carolina, USA I1192
9 Black, Govey  1798South Carolina, USA I21369
10 Black, Isaac  1785South Carolina, USA I21367
11 Black, Isaac  1826South Carolina, USA I822
12 Black, James  1806South Carolina, USA I2158
13 Black, Rachel  6 Feb 1799South Carolina, USA I21498
14 Black, Sampson  1804South Carolina, USA I4299
15 Bozeman, Edward  1820South Carolina, USA I8362
16 Byrd, William Michael  1769South Carolina, USA I388
17 Cardin, James Jordan  15 Dec 1807South Carolina, USA I38015
18 Carmichael, William  1778South Carolina, USA I6961
19 Carter, Margaret Lucy  16 Jul 1804South Carolina, USA I9628
20 Cochran, George W.  1831South Carolina, USA I22178
21 Cochran, Harry N.  1810South Carolina, USA I14560
22 Cole, Amanda Louvonia  29 Oct 1878South Carolina, USA I19804
23 Cooper, Allen Foster  Abt 1879South Carolina, USA I4165
24 Cooper, Ann  19 Jun 1831South Carolina, USA I14045
25 Cooper, Franklin Russell  12 Feb 1872South Carolina, USA I19548
26 Cooper, George W.  Jun 1881South Carolina, USA I33279
27 Cooper, Hannah  1785South Carolina, USA I18069
28 Cooper, James  1 Jun 1793South Carolina, USA I7270
29 Cooper, James  1796South Carolina, USA I3189
30 Cooper, John Jordan  1803South Carolina, USA I12733
31 Cooper, Louisa  1835South Carolina, USA I8648
32 Cooper, Lydia  1786South Carolina, USA I2006
33 Cooper, Mary  1792South Carolina, USA I2004
34 Cooper, Moses  Abt 1806South Carolina, USA I13031
35 Cooper, Samuel  19 Dec 1813South Carolina, USA I23935
36 Cooper, Stephen  1 Jun 1793South Carolina, USA I7212
37 Cooper, Wilson  19 Feb 1805South Carolina, USA I25618
38 Cowan, David  1755South Carolina, USA I24124
39 Cowden, Leonard C. Lynn  1797South Carolina, USA I24170
40 Cupp, Jemima  1765South Carolina, USA I14621
41 Davis, Isham  6 Jan 1758South Carolina, USA I10405
42 Davis, Mary  1796South Carolina, USA I36840
43 Davis, William Reagan  1812South Carolina, USA I6865
44 Donaldson, Stanhope Lafayette  28 Apr 1827South Carolina, USA I28152
45 Dunlap, Joseph Carrol  4 Apr 1808South Carolina, USA I9086
46 Elders, Louisa Aveline  1775South Carolina, USA I10052
47 Everingham, Lewis  18 Jan 1804South Carolina, USA I23279
48 Flanagan, Ann  1790South Carolina, USA I36956
49 Flanagan, Bryant  1800South Carolina, USA I13559
50 Flanagan, Kenean  1801South Carolina, USA I32179
51 Flanagan, Thomas Jefferson  1797South Carolina, USA I16658
52 Gibson, James Shockley  1785South Carolina, USA I29287
53 Gill, Robert G.  South Carolina, USA I28838
54 Gossett, Emaline "Emily"  6 Feb 1826South Carolina, USA I34921
55 Guess, Nancy Caroline  10 Jul 1819South Carolina, USA I691
56 Haggard, Elizabeth  1784South Carolina, USA I30379
57 Hall, Mary Anna  1772South Carolina, USA I1307
58 Hanks, Phadran Ann  28 Nov 1809South Carolina, USA I7355
59 Hendricks, Joseph  Abt 1865South Carolina, USA I24792
60 Hendrix, Elizabeth  8 Dec 1800South Carolina, USA I24801
61 Hendrix, Joseph F  1865South Carolina, USA I24812
62 Hinson, Rachal  Mar 1732South Carolina, USA I18502
63 Holmes, James Finley Sr  1784South Carolina, USA I35400
64 Holmes, Robert  28 Apr 1806South Carolina, USA I35404
65 Hudman, Mary  1785South Carolina, USA I17191
66 Hunter, Casper  23 May 1803South Carolina, USA I18708
67 Hunter, John Starke  1801South Carolina, USA I10791
68 Huskey, Sarah  1802South Carolina, USA I29583
69 Jennings, Elias Eber  24 Sep 1851South Carolina, USA I22450
70 Jones, Wilborn  1825South Carolina, USA I33566
71 King, Lavina  1798South Carolina, USA I31697
72 King, Nathaniel SR  1775South Carolina, USA I7818
73 King, William Riley Sr.  1803South Carolina, USA I9807
74 Knight, Sara Jane  South Carolina, USA I19968
75 Laney, Nancy  1785South Carolina, USA I6157
76 Latham, Jeremiah  1794South Carolina, USA I31870
77 Lee, Sophia  Abt 1782South Carolina, USA I4602
78 Leslie, John Joseph  15 Nov 1835South Carolina, USA I15052
79 Leslie, Mary Elinor  1839South Carolina, USA I20798
80 Loving, Elizabeth Susannah  Abt 1782South Carolina, USA I8208
81 Lowrey, Amina Frances  20 Jan 1838South Carolina, USA I2338
82 Lowry, Elizabeth Emeranda  1 Feb 1816South Carolina, USA I16910
83 Lowry, Katherine  Abt 1800South Carolina, USA I1719
84 Mangum, Martha  1770South Carolina, USA I36838
85 Maples, Lillian Beatrice  19 Jul 1904South Carolina, USA I20112
86 Martin, Andrew  18 Feb 1804South Carolina, USA I117
87 Martin, Elias Coleman  28 Feb 1828South Carolina, USA I7016
88 Martin, William  17 Sep 1829South Carolina, USA I17537
89 Mary  1829South Carolina, USA I23621
90 McCarter, Isabella  15 Feb 1806South Carolina, USA I10953
91 McCrary, Lettie  1795South Carolina, USA I20364
92 McCully, Sabina W.  29 Mar 1809South Carolina, USA I13316
93 McGill, Wade Hampton  1824South Carolina, USA I37839
94 McRaney, Daniel  1812South Carolina, USA I1744
95 McRaney, Margaret  1804South Carolina, USA I20792
96 McRaney, Neil  1815South Carolina, USA I18800
97 Meacham, Sarah S  1801South Carolina, USA I5892
98 Moreland, Adam Sheffield  5 Dec 1835South Carolina, USA I6055
99 Moreland, Cynthia  1824South Carolina, USA I22661
100 Moreland, James  1780South Carolina, USA I4179

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Elizabeth Jane  1813South Carolina, USA I19511
2 Bexley, Simon  South Carolina, USA I9806
3 Bird, Sarah  1780South Carolina, USA I17003
4 Black, Joseph  1775South Carolina, USA I23605
5 Brown, Mary  Bef 1772South Carolina, USA I16928
6 Cooper, Joseph  1799South Carolina, USA I5294
7 Cooper, Lydia  1844South Carolina, USA I2006
8 Covington, John  9 May 1802South Carolina, USA I15758
9 Franklin, Agnes  1824South Carolina, USA I23072
10 Goan, Arcadia  South Carolina, USA I13220
11 Harris, Joseph  26 Sep 1841South Carolina, USA I12008
12 Knight, Sara Jane  1782South Carolina, USA I19968
13 McCarter, Elizabeth G  12 Jul 1861South Carolina, USA I8588
14 Parker, Lois H.  2 Jun 1992South Carolina, USA I6723
15 Petty, Ambrose  1806South Carolina, USA I16200
16 Prince, Gilbert  1804South Carolina, USA I18724
17 Romine, Jesse  1865South Carolina, USA I8586
18 Rotton, John  1780South Carolina, USA I2498
19 Short, Amanda C.  10 May 1921South Carolina, USA I11914
20 Wheeler, Mary Magdelena  1835South Carolina, USA I21163
21 Wylie, Dr. James  22 Jan 1827South Carolina, USA I3494


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooper / Jordan  2 Dec 1800South Carolina, USA F2384
2 Cooper / Townsend  1799South Carolina, USA F5062
3 Cowden / Walker  1790South Carolina, USA F3772
4 Huskey /   1791South Carolina, USA F5912
5 Kear / Shelton  1796South Carolina, USA F9029
6 Latham / Driskill  1787South Carolina, USA F10002
7 Martin / Stone  25 Feb 1827South Carolina, USA F28
8 Moreland / Wylie  1820South Carolina, USA F715
9 Paden / Martin  15 Apr 1784South Carolina, USA F5671
10 Parker /   1799South Carolina, USA F6955
11 Parker / Ashby  1814South Carolina, USA F6947
12 Ramsey / Huskey  26 Feb 1807South Carolina, USA F2061