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My two sons have done such a fantastic job being  great fathers to my four grand kids I could  not be prouder. But as I have told both sons “I love you guys and I’m proud of everything you have done but I really love and am so proud of your kids”.  In my eyes my grand kids can do no wrong.

My family line:

  1. John Henry Everhart 1865-1939
  2. George Everhart 1890-1977
  3. Arlie Everhart 1919-1985
  4. Jim Everhart 1951
  5. Brian Everhart 1973
  6. Matt Bozeman 1976

As I have worked on my family history  I have worked hard on knowing as much as I can about my ancestors. The Oddf-ellows picture was one another cousin had but did not know anything about it . I could recognize my grandfather George in the picture. It took me a while to figure out that the group was a Odd-fellows Lodge meeting.



OddFellows4 copy

OddFellows3 cropped copy  As179 copy

everhart men 1939  3 generations 1969 copy

3 generations copy  As177

I ran into a brick wall on dating the Odd-fellows group picture when I tried to find more information on where or when it could have been taken. The Odd-fellows keep information on membership and locations on a state level and the Tennessee records were destroyed a few years ago when the basement of the building they were being stored in was flooded by a leaking pipe. I got lucky when I joined the Smoky Mountain Historical Society this year.  http://www.smhstn.org/  The have a journal that has historical information in it. I looked at the past issues and the fall 2010 issue . On the cover is the same picture as above. They have the date as 1914 in Wears Valley.  I noticed the men on either side of George have a strong resemblance to him.  and a even stronger resemblance to each other.  The man on the left looks the oldest. Lewis would have been 29 and George 24 with John 49. I have been told by a couple of other family members that knew all three that Lewis and John were taller than George. The 1939 and the 1914  pictures bear out this thought. No one else known has a picture of John Henry that I can find. I feel very confident I am right in this theory. The Odd-fellows picture was taken a couple of years before George married.

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Till Next Time…

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