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Two places that will help you further your research and allow you to share with others. Research and communications are changing a lot these days take advantage of the two resources. Both are improving their content to better help you. The Facebook group is a new addition.

The Historical Society  has been a great resource of information for family history for over 50 years now. As a member, I enjoy reading the past and current issues of their Journal that comes out 4 times a year. Through their efforts, our history has been and will continue to be preserved for others in the future. One of the first things I learned in my research is though oral traditions are great to listen to, they get changed over time. Information not preserved will disappear in a couple of generations. We have lots of ways to preserve what is going on in our lives today but think about how fast things are changing from just a few years ago. For people that grew up before the internet, we can relate just how fast it happened.


As a child, I would visit my dad’s parents farm for a week every summer, I had a blast. I remember things that happened then that if I told my grandchildren about it they would laugh. Yes, I know what the Sears Robuck catalog and corncobs in the bucket in the little wooden building not far from their house.  But it was their life, and I was blessed to share that time. I thought their old heavy as a bunch of bricks party line phone was a hoot.  The phone at my parents house was not a party line and you would say when someone asked your phone number you gave the exchange abbreviation a number and the last 4 numbers that made it you.  Yukon 3-XXXX or YU3-XXXX.

The questions I now wish I has asked them. The stories they shared are now treasured and are a major reason I started this blog and my websites to preserve for current and future generations things they might someday want to know. It is likely most people know their parents and grandparents names and where the lived but few know any more than that.  I am blessed to have known a Great grandparent, only one of the 8 I have. She lived to be 100 years old. Next year would have bee my dad’s 100th birthday. As I write this I have always told both sons I love you guys but I really love your kids. As a parent, we make our children do the right things and discourage them to not take care of others peoples property. My current thought process is the same but if the mess up and destroy something of mine accidentally they are just being kids. Your kids get busted for having an accident but the grandkids are forgiven. I remember my grandmother many times scolding my grandfather “George hush up he is only being a kid” when I did something wrong while visiting them.

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Jun 022017

My oldest memory of family was when I was 5 years old and at a family reunion in Wears Valley Tennessee.That day I met my three Great Aunts and  a Great Uncle. the reunion was held at one of my great-aunt’s home. My fondest memory of that day was the wooden  log footpath bridge over the creek next to their home.  My great-uncle Lewis would carve stick figures  of horses for the kids. Uncle Lewis lived with his sister Sarah Alice and her family. Lewis died the next year in 1957 and I inherited his knife that he used to carve the stick figures.Lewis was the oldest child in the family in the only brother to my grandfather George. When Lewis served in War World War 1 he took care of the horses for his Army company.I remember a couple of other reunions over the years. Both of the sets of my grandparents lived on farms. I remember seeing them at Christmas every year and when I was an early teenager I would spend a week with my dad’s parents on their farm in the summer. As I started writing this I realized that my grandparents neither one had power till the late mid-1940s when my dad used his work skills to wire their houses to have electricity  so my parents grew up doing their school work by candlelight oil lamplight. By the time I started spending a week in summer with my grandparents they were not doing a lot of farming anymore. The thing I remember most about their house was their party line telephone. Only my dad’s parents had running water in the house my other grandparents only used a outside well. One summer when I was at my grandparents I remember helping my grandfather harvest tobacco.Grandpa used to roll his own cigarettes with his favorite tobacco by the name of velvet. I wish I had found my love of genealogy before they passed away I’m sure there will be lots of things they could have told me.Neither set of grandparents ever owned a car.My mother’s father was a minister and a farmer to support his family my dad’’s father was a farmer with help from his wife. Both families lived a simple life . I am sure that any communication between family members was done around the dinner table.My grandfather Everhart was not able to attend school because he worked on his parents farm. my grandmother Everhart could read and write. My grandfather Garner could read and write and as far as I know my grandmother Garner could not. I am sure my parents would be amazed by the changes in technology for my generation forward. My first memories of television was that there were three stations they were on only part of the day and mostly during the evening most of your entertainment what on radio. Our first color TV was in the late 60’s or early 70’s.We had a Black and White TV from the mid 1950’s.I remember watching the news about the Kennedy assassination in 1963 and the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space launches on our Sears console TV in black and white.Everyone was glued to their TV sets to get the latest news on The Cuban Missile crisis of October 1962.Everyone in my hometown knew we were prime targets since we were so close to Oak Ridge home of the Manhattan project that helped end WW2.As I have gotten older I try to stay up to date with technology but my grand children scare me with how easily they pick it up.. The advent of the internet in the in the early 80’s really took off in the late 80’s and became a one stop shop for sharing information and communication and with the speed increases really bloomed. Today everyone is constantly accessing their devices to communicate and look for information. Today most people have no concept of what it was like to make local calls versus long distance. calls or making a cell call..As I work every day to record information of what my ancestors lives were like it is my hope to preserve this in a format the future relatives can access.Everything used to be passed from generation to the next by spoken word only. Today people think if it is found on the internet it must be fact.

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Jan 182017

I decided to better organize my media collection and work mostly on my TNG site .  While working on this I acquired 2 new software programs, Animap by Goldbug Software

And Heritage Collector Suite

I have found that both are excellent in helping me accomplish my goals.

Animap shows how the states and counties were created in the time I select and that helps tremendously when I try to understand records I find saying at this time my ancestors were at a certain location in one county or state and in another they are shown in a different state or county and the were in the same location but the name changed. A person could be listed as being from North Carolina but was actually located near Nashville Tennessee on today’s map.

Heritage Collector allows me to organize, catalog, search for photos quickly.


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Sep 292016

I found these sites while looking for  towns I had never heard of.  There is a page for each state and then each county and most towns.

There are interactive county maps too. You can zoom in and out using your mouse scroll wheel.

Hear are sites for interactive State maps

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Aug 312016

I am working hard on completing  my newest effort a live database to share my data. The great side is it allows me to do pretty much anything I could ever want to do with my data.  It is a steep learning curve but  I am enjoying the challenges it presents. The more I get done the more I see that I can then do later. It is my goal to research using Legacy family tree software and then exporting updates to my TNG  site . You can get to the new site from a link on my other webpage . I have made leaps and bounds in the last 7 months thanks to my first DNA test.  It too has presented me with both new found family connections as well as confirmation of some of my theories of my lines but it has given me lots of questions to find answers for.  Most have been 3rd to 5th cousin connections. Unfortunately  nothing closer than a 3rd cousin. 

ethnicityThis is much what I expected  before I tested and I like everybody else where I grew up thinking thought that there should be native american showing.  I get a slightly different picture when I look on GEDMATCH. We all know lots of details of our own family tree but when you add thinks others know that you do not know existed.  Most people know lots about 3 or 4 generations but further back it takes dedication to make progress. It is my hope to use my newfound tools to make more progress. I submitted my site to Cyndi’s List today . One of my biggest surprises this year is receiving a phone call from another Everhart researcher from Ohio where I never knew before my family was at.  I knew I was kin to a lot of different families but the deeper I go the more details I  uncover and it is my hope that the TNG  site will multiply the results of my efforts. Till next time….

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Jun 212016



My two sons have done such a fantastic job being  great fathers to my four grand kids I could  not be prouder. But as I have told both sons “I love you guys and I’m proud of everything you have done but I really love and am so proud of your kids”.  In my eyes my grand kids can do no wrong.

My family line:

  1. John Henry Everhart 1865-1939
  2. George Everhart 1890-1977
  3. Arlie Everhart 1919-1985
  4. Jim Everhart 1951
  5. Brian Everhart 1973
  6. Matt Bozeman 1976

As I have worked on my family history  I have worked hard on knowing as much as I can about my ancestors. The Oddf-ellows picture was one another cousin had but did not know anything about it . I could recognize my grandfather George in the picture. It took me a while to figure out that the group was a Odd-fellows Lodge meeting.



OddFellows4 copy

OddFellows3 cropped copy  As179 copy

everhart men 1939  3 generations 1969 copy

3 generations copy  As177

I ran into a brick wall on dating the Odd-fellows group picture when I tried to find more information on where or when it could have been taken. The Odd-fellows keep information on membership and locations on a state level and the Tennessee records were destroyed a few years ago when the basement of the building they were being stored in was flooded by a leaking pipe. I got lucky when I joined the Smoky Mountain Historical Society this year.  The have a journal that has historical information in it. I looked at the past issues and the fall 2010 issue . On the cover is the same picture as above. They have the date as 1914 in Wears Valley.  I noticed the men on either side of George have a strong resemblance to him.  and a even stronger resemblance to each other.  The man on the left looks the oldest. Lewis would have been 29 and George 24 with John 49. I have been told by a couple of other family members that knew all three that Lewis and John were taller than George. The 1939 and the 1914  pictures bear out this thought. No one else known has a picture of John Henry that I can find. I feel very confident I am right in this theory. The Odd-fellows picture was taken a couple of years before George married.

Please take a moment and give any comments you might have and let me know if you would like to be notified of new post.

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Jun 212016


Yesterday was my oldest son’s 43 birthday and I celebrated it with my first blog post. He is the proud father of my only granddaughter. My stepson has three boys.  As I told both of my sons I love you guys but I really love your kids. My sons had to mind what they did growing up but their kids get a pass as far as I care. They are just being kids. They have to mind their dad but I do not mind if they make a mess at my house. Fortunately for me they do not make a mess.

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I learned something new last week. Even though I had looked at the 1910 census a bunch of times over the years. After watching a webinar about things you might have missed in the censuses I made an amazing discovery. Starting in the 1900 they listed on the wife how many children she had born. In 1910 they listed how many were born and how many were alive in 1910. My great grandparents had as shown below 6 children with 5 living. In 1900 the showed 4 children born.  That was a question I could have asked my grandfather. Now there is only one member of the next generation still living and she thinks that she remembers her mother mentioning a sibling that died as a baby. All five of the other siblings made it to adulthood. I am fortunate to have met all five of the great aunts and uncles. Other than my grandfather I only remember meeting the others only once each at a family reunion in 1955 when I was 4 years old.

1900 John Henry Everhart Family

1900 george family

1910 John Henry Everhart Family

1910 george

Another thing you can get from the 1910 is the number of marriage for the head of household and his spouse and how many years they have been married. Another good suggestion is to note all families on two pages before and two pages after plus the same page. This is often referred to as crowd sourcing or Fan Club Research (Friends Associates and Neighbors). There you will find parents, brothers and sisters and their families and Aunts and Uncles and their families. Most people married a neighbor or somebody in walking distance. Anybody listed in a census starting in 1850 forward is a candidate on marring their neighbors. After 1920 that in not true as much. Plus they did not show the number of marriage or number of children born any more. As I learn more on using Word-press lots more to come. 

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Jun 032016

In 1983 I became interested in recording what my dad could tell me about the origins of his ancestors. Dad was the oldest living child in his family and the same for my mom in her family. Both sets of my grandparents had been deceased for almost 20 years and dad was in failing health so I figured had better find and save as much as I could for my own family history. Dad got me started with what he knew and I have spent the next 33 years getting to where I am today. Fortunately mom made it 22 more years so I could learn what she knew as he longest living member of her family.  She got interested in what I was trying to do and I spent the week of her birthday each year visiting and doing research on her side of my tree with her. She would spend much of her time he rest of the year contacting local relatives and checking local sources. It gave me lots to talk about when I called her each week. I treasure those memories. Now that I am retired I work daily to make my research as documented as I can. The links on my webpage are meant to help others with their research. As a teenager I would spend a week each summer visiting my dad’s parents. I wish now that I had gotten the genealogy bug sooner. I could have had so many questions answered more to come in the next couple of post. It is my purpose to help others and hopefully get my 4 grandchildren to know what I know about our family history. This post is long but I hope you will come back often, I hope you find this useful please feel free to ask questions or have request that I can try to help you with. I get great satisfaction helping others discover their family. Today’s younger generation get all their information online and that is why I hope to share through this blog the stories I can share. Otherwise it stands a great chance of being lost. Till Next Time…

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