May 242018

Smoky Mountain Historical Society 

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Two places that will help you further your research and allow you to share with others. Research and communications are changing a lot these days take advantage of the two resources. Both are improving their content to better help you. The Facebook group is a new addition.

The Historical Society  has been a great resource of information for family history for over 50 years now. As a member, I enjoy reading the past and current issues of their Journal that comes out 4 times a year. Through their efforts, our history has been and will continue to be preserved for others in the future. One of the first things I learned in my research is though oral traditions are great to listen to, they get changed over time. Information not preserved will disappear in a couple of generations. We have lots of ways to preserve what is going on in our lives today but think about how fast things are changing from just a few years ago. For people that grew up before the internet, we can relate just how fast it happened.


As a child, I would visit my dad’s parents farm for a week every summer, I had a blast. I remember things that happened then that if I told my grandchildren about it they would laugh. Yes, I know what the Sears Robuck catalog and corncobs in the bucket in the little wooden building not far from their house.  But it was their life, and I was blessed to share that time. I thought their old heavy as a bunch of bricks party line phone was a hoot.  The phone at my parents house was not a party line and you would say when someone asked your phone number you gave the exchange abbreviation a number and the last 4 numbers that made it you.  Yukon 3-XXXX or YU3-XXXX.

The questions I now wish I has asked them. The stories they shared are now treasured and are a major reason I started this blog and my websites to preserve for current and future generations things they might someday want to know. It is likely most people know their parents and grandparents names and where the lived but few know any more than that.  I am blessed to have known a Great grandparent, only one of the 8 I have. She lived to be 100 years old. Next year would have bee my dad’s 100th birthday. As I write this I have always told both sons I love you guys but I really love your kids. As a parent, we make our children do the right things and discourage them to not take care of others peoples property. My current thought process is the same but if the mess up and destroy something of mine accidentally they are just being kids. Your kids get busted for having an accident but the grandkids are forgiven. I remember my grandmother many times scolding my grandfather “George hush up he is only being a kid” when I did something wrong while visiting them.

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