Jun 022017

My oldest memory of family was when I was 5 years old and at a family reunion in Wears Valley Tennessee.That day I met my three Great Aunts and  a Great Uncle. the reunion was held at one of my great-aunt’s home. My fondest memory of that day was the wooden  log footpath bridge over the creek next to their home.  My great-uncle Lewis would carve stick figures  of horses for the kids. Uncle Lewis lived with his sister Sarah Alice and her family. Lewis died the next year in 1957 and I inherited his knife that he used to carve the stick figures.Lewis was the oldest child in the family in the only brother to my grandfather George. When Lewis served in War World War 1 he took care of the horses for his Army company.I remember a couple of other reunions over the years. Both of the sets of my grandparents lived on farms. I remember seeing them at Christmas every year and when I was an early teenager I would spend a week with my dad’s parents on their farm in the summer. As I started writing this I realized that my grandparents neither one had power till the late mid-1940s when my dad used his work skills to wire their houses to have electricity  so my parents grew up doing their school work by candlelight oil lamplight. By the time I started spending a week in summer with my grandparents they were not doing a lot of farming anymore. The thing I remember most about their house was their party line telephone. Only my dad’s parents had running water in the house my other grandparents only used a outside well. One summer when I was at my grandparents I remember helping my grandfather harvest tobacco.Grandpa used to roll his own cigarettes with his favorite tobacco by the name of velvet. I wish I had found my love of genealogy before they passed away I’m sure there will be lots of things they could have told me.Neither set of grandparents ever owned a car.My mother’s father was a minister and a farmer to support his family my dad’’s father was a farmer with help from his wife. Both families lived a simple life . I am sure that any communication between family members was done around the dinner table.My grandfather Everhart was not able to attend school because he worked on his parents farm. my grandmother Everhart could read and write. My grandfather Garner could read and write and as far as I know my grandmother Garner could not. I am sure my parents would be amazed by the changes in technology for my generation forward. My first memories of television was that there were three stations they were on only part of the day and mostly during the evening most of your entertainment what on radio. Our first color TV was in the late 60’s or early 70’s.We had a Black and White TV from the mid 1950’s.I remember watching the news about the Kennedy assassination in 1963 and the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space launches on our Sears console TV in black and white.Everyone was glued to their TV sets to get the latest news on The Cuban Missile crisis of October 1962.Everyone in my hometown knew we were prime targets since we were so close to Oak Ridge home of the Manhattan project that helped end WW2.As I have gotten older I try to stay up to date with technology but my grand children scare me with how easily they pick it up.. The advent of the internet in the in the early 80’s really took off in the late 80’s and became a one stop shop for sharing information and communication and with the speed increases really bloomed. Today everyone is constantly accessing their devices to communicate and look for information. Today most people have no concept of what it was like to make local calls versus long distance. calls or making a cell call..As I work every day to record information of what my ancestors lives were like it is my hope to preserve this in a format the future relatives can access.Everything used to be passed from generation to the next by spoken word only. Today people think if it is found on the internet it must be fact.

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