Aug 312016

I am working hard on completing  my newest effort a live database to share my data. The great side is it allows me to do pretty much anything I could ever want to do with my data.  It is a steep learning curve but  I am enjoying the challenges it presents. The more I get done the more I see that I can then do later. It is my goal to research using Legacy family tree software and then exporting updates to my TNG  site . You can get to the new site from a link on my other webpage . I have made leaps and bounds in the last 7 months thanks to my first DNA test.  It too has presented me with both new found family connections as well as confirmation of some of my theories of my lines but it has given me lots of questions to find answers for.  Most have been 3rd to 5th cousin connections. Unfortunately  nothing closer than a 3rd cousin. 

ethnicityThis is much what I expected  before I tested and I like everybody else where I grew up thinking thought that there should be native american showing.  I get a slightly different picture when I look on GEDMATCH. We all know lots of details of our own family tree but when you add thinks others know that you do not know existed.  Most people know lots about 3 or 4 generations but further back it takes dedication to make progress. It is my hope to use my newfound tools to make more progress. I submitted my site to Cyndi’s List today . One of my biggest surprises this year is receiving a phone call from another Everhart researcher from Ohio where I never knew before my family was at.  I knew I was kin to a lot of different families but the deeper I go the more details I  uncover and it is my hope that the TNG  site will multiply the results of my efforts. Till next time….

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